As you can see when you’re on the golf course and in these photos, the maintenance staff has been hard at work since the turf has started to grow.  The first two photos are the maintenance staff mowing rough.  The guys try to mow all 36 holes in two days.  On Monday the staff mows the course that is closed and on Tuesday they mow nine holes in front of play and finish the last nine on the front of the Cardinal.  This allows the rough units to mow all holes on both golf courses with no golfers on the course.  When I arrived, the maintenance staff was mowing rough five days a week, now we mow two and a half days a week.

Now that the greens are growing aggressively, we have started to verticut, mow, topdress and brush the greens on a weekly basis.  This should allow the greens to be smoother and firmer through the summer months.  The photos above show the green has been top dressed and the following photo shows the greens brushed.


mowingrough mowingrough1 topdressinggreens_edited-1 afterbrushing