As we have previously shared, the POA Board of Directors established the Diamondhead 2020 Committee to research and recommend the best course of action to take in transitioning through the expiration of the POA Covenants starting in June 2020.

As its first recommendation, the committee proposed at tonight’s regular meeting that the POA Board of Directors withdraw the pending litigation regarding covenant extension. This recommendation is based on multiple legal opinions and the lack of progress in the suit after over two years. After careful consideration, the board voted to take this action.

Our goal is to chart a more effective course for moving forward in 2020.  We agreed that the litigation has caused division in our community and created the unintended consequence of impeding progress toward resolving the challenges we face.

The committee is exploring all of our options and working to finalize a plan that is based on both best practices and lessons learned from similar communities whose covenants have expired and as a result, have lost their amenities. Protecting and improving our community for the generations to come is our ultimate goal.

Town Hall Presentation

Much work is still to be done, and we look forward to engaging the community in the process by including as many residents as possible. The 2020 Committee appreciates those of you who are reaching out with questions, ideas and suggestions. If anyone has additional feedback, feel free to email any of the following committee members:

Chairman: Annette Williams
Members: Gary Becker, Nicole Boisdoré, Shea Magee, Dick Nolan, Bill Powers and Uwe Seitz.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions with the members via email:
Annette Williams:
Gary Becker:
Nicole Boisdoré:
Shea Magee:
Dick Nolan:
Bill Powers:
Uwe Seitz:

We look forward to working with all of you to move Diamondhead forward.