POA President



The POA board has achieved amazing results on all of the amenities.  In addition to the work on the golf courses, we have invested over $175,000 in recreation projects.  We have added two new playgrounds for the children.  We have resurfaced the pools in Holiday Village and North Rec.  We have resurfaced and repaired the decking around those pools, and have upgraded the rest rooms at North Rec.  We have ongoing projects for tennis and for the marina.  I want to thank Donald Silcio and Jerome Tullier for their hard work on the recreation projects – they have really done a great job.

The financials look promising – we are beating budgets for most categories.

We have had 29 home sales in April.  The last two months 63 properties have been sold.  Most are being sold for close to the asking price, and some have been sold for more than the asking price.
I hope everyone has picked up the campaign signs.  At this writing, the final election results are not in, but I want to assure the winners that the POA board looks forward to working with the mayor and city council.
Donald “Pat” Laird