POA President


Pat Laird
POA President

December was quite a month, with the unexpected and beautiful snowfall, holiday parties and visits from relatives and friends.  I hope that the holidays were everything that you hoped they would be.

I am going to explain the new POA dues structure:

  • Monthly members will pay $56 per month for a yearly total of $672 with NO $1.50 per month handling charge for the monthly members.
  • Annual members will pay $56 per month X 12 = $672 minus $26 = $646 with $30 worth of coupons, so paying yearly saves the equivalent of one month of dues.  This past year everyone paid $60 per month.

I hope everyone realizes how hard the board has worked to continue to lower your dues.  It has not been as easy as it would seem, but we are continuing to work and move forward to manage your assets.

We have continued to improve the amenities, which belong to you, our members.  Tennis has been improved, playgrounds are a continuing project, the airport is being renovated and the pools are continuing to be improved.

I hope everyone has a chance to read the letter to the editor written by Lloyd Ramirez, past president of the POA during Hurricane Katrina, and former Diamondhead City Manager.  It is extremely enlightening and educational.