POA President


Pat Laird
POA President

Well, here we are near the end of the summer.  Hopefully tropical storms and hurricanes will stay away from us until hurricane season is over.  At this writing, that is the case.

Steven Smith has been busy with maintenance projects:

New tennis courts: New electrical service has been installed to tennis shop, the old pole is scheduled to come down pending Cable One moving their line, the bid for site work including removing asphalt has been confirmed verbally, his crew is working on getting bids for the restroom addition to the tennis shop and the water meter has been moved.  New water meter and sewer tap are in the works to be installed so that the restroom building can be moved.

Lights at Noma Dr.: light poles and lights have been purchased. Doleac electric will be installing the poles with cross arms and doing all wiring from the tower to the poles, and facilities’ maintenance staff will be installing the lights on the poles and aiming them.

Golf maintenance facility: Fence has been moved and screen will be re-installed, sewer tap and new sewer line have been installed, septic tank is no longer in service, crushed concrete has been delivered and new parking area should be ready next week.

Spillway at #17 Pine:  Two additional drain pipes have been installed to increase flow at the spillway and stop it from being over-run.

I’d like to thank Steven for his hard work and for managing the maintenance budget so successfully.  I will continue keeping you posted on progress on improving our amenities.