POA President



After careful consideration we have decided to postpone the annual member meeting.  We as a board did not fully explain our reasonings on the propositions.  We will announce the annual meeting sometime during the fall.  As president, it is my job to take full responsibility for any and all decisions, with board approval.
I am pleased to announce that the club will become compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  After a request from Sandy Price, we are going to install automatic door openers at two doors in the country club, for people using walkers or wheelchairs.  I believe they should be installed by the time this article is printed.
Building two new tennis courts to attract more tournaments is moving forward.  I want to thank John Fletcher who is the project manager for these two courts.  He is doing a great job heading up this project.
Some of you have questioned why we replaced the golf cart fleet.  We were able to get a better quality leased product, with a longer guaranteed battery life for the money, bag covers and permanent wind shields.  This board is all about making sure that we invest your money in the wisest possible ways.
We are having to replace the drapes and window treatments in the club.  Many of the drapes and window treatments are in pitiful condition (see the liners in the ballroom) and we have approved replacement in the capital budget.
Pat Laird