POA President


By Bob Marthouse
I’m truly humbled by the POA election results and I’m grateful to everyone who voted. I’m also grateful for all candidates, board members, and volunteers who have, and are continuing to devote their time and effort to supporting and improving our community. I’m looking forward to all of us moving forward together in a united effort to make Diamondhead the best place to live on the Gulf Coast!

To make that vision a reality, we’ve got a lot of work to do between now and 2020. I’m excited with the board team you’ve selected to do that work and move our community forward. We have an
exceptionally talented group of officers and directors with the outstanding business experience and leadership abilities we need to tackle our most pressing issues. Together, we’re going to find a fair, affordable and sustainable, path to preserving our amenities and enhancing our quality of life. Among the things I committed to in our campaign was open, honest, and timely communications. I want you to know that in the first weeks of our transition, that’s been my top priority. I believe transparency is key if we’re going to be effective as a community in dealing with our challenges. We’re developing a communications policy that will keep all of us informed and help everyone understand how decisions are being made and how your dues are being spent. You’ll all be able to sit in on our board meetings and we’ll be looking for innovative ways for you to participate and provide the feedback we need.

This week, we’re working on our committee structure to ensure we have an efficient and transparent process for managing and controlling our POA operations. We’re just beginning the process and you can expect to hear more about that very soon. One of the new committees we’re developing is the Diamondhead 2020 committee. As most of you know, in 2020, the POA will lose architectural control and dues collection authority for a large portion of our properties. The expiration of the covenants for these properties will have a severe impact on our ability to maintain our properties and amenities.

Without our covenants, the POA will be unable to guarantee high property maintenance and appearance standards. We cannot allow 2020 to arrive without a solution to this problem. The Diamondhead 2020 committee will be charged with finding the best solutions and presenting them to the board. We’ll want everyone’s input and we’ll be looking for the best and brightest in our community to pitch in!

I’m looking forward to working with and serving you all.