POA President



Pat Laird

The city elections are drawing near; election day is Tuesday, May 2.  I hope everyone will turn out and vote for the candidates who they feel will be the best for the city of Diamondhead.

We are moving forward with capital improvements.  This will help increase the value of all our amenities that your board has been tasked to maintain and improve.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has denied the application for the license for the Diamondhead casino.  Jacobs Entertainment D.R.E. has appealed the ruling.

We are continuing to see great gains versus the budget in the restaurant/club.  Mr. Eli Biggers deserves a pat on the back.

Sales of homes in Diamondhead last month totaled 34; great news for anyone who desires to move here.  Homes of all price ranges are here for purchase.  Please tell your friends that Diamondhead is a great place to live.