The POA Board has approved the charter of the Diamondhead 2020 Committee and has selected the committee’s inaugural members. Diamondhead 2020 is charged with engaging with our community and exploring options for maintaining the amenities and covenants beyond June 17, 2020. The ultimate goal is to sustain Diamondhead property values and quality of life.

Expect to hear from us on a regular basis as we actively involve the community in this important process. As ideas develop, volunteers will be sought, and subcommittees may be formed. The members of the committee reflect the diverse demographics and interests in Diamondhead. They are:

Chairman: Annette Williams
Members: Gary Becker, Nicole Boisdoré, Shea Magee, Dick Nolan, Bill Powers and Uwe Seitz.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions with the members via email:
Annette Williams:
Gary Becker:
Nicole Boisdoré:
Shea Magee:
Dick Nolan:
Bill Powers:
Uwe Seitz:

We look forward to working with all of you to move Diamondhead forward.